“Getting Past the Thatcherization” 

It’s how I once felt about London; still feel about it when I get past the Thatcherization, the wannabe-American ‘build-a-minimall fill-it-with-chain-stores’ ethic that has wrecked so many of the city’s hamlets and high streets.’

Finding North, George Michelsen Foy

It make me frustrated too to travel thousands of miles to faraway places just to find the same things I left behind. But, that said, in a pinch a Starbucks often helps me regain my bearings. C’est la vie.



Those who are hungry, angry, talented and have something to say are too often sidelined by record companies, magazines, publishers….In our current risk-averse culture, convention-breaking or non-conformism is thin on the ground….
And so now: there has never been a better time to fight for what you believe in and produce art, express yourself and believe in your own relevance and credibility –as opposed to simply being an obedient and passive consumer. Look back at the independent heroes of the past, and be inspired.

From http://www.qthemusic.com/9247/guest-column-diy-graham-bendel/

Props Lois

Panda Traps

MissPhy6 and I went for a hike to Cherry Creek Falls today. It is a fairly easy, five mile roundtrip hike through the woods East of Duvall, culminating in a little waterfall and swimming hole.

We had to cross a bunch dry (and a couple wet) creek beds – which meant a sometimes slippery jog down one side and back up another. We started calling them “Panda Traps” but they were good for challenging the legs, so that’s that.

There were a lot of people on the trail today, and a ton of kids and their moms were already enjoying the cool water by time we got to the waterfall.

Just as we were about to go, a couple of dirt bikers showed up and wanted to know where we all came from, and although nothing bad happened, it sorta set my spider (panda?) senses tingling. I suppose they were just being friendly, but something inside my head just kept saying “threat” and to be ready to engage. Huh.

But, setting that aside, I was grateful for the chance to spend time with MissPhy6, stretch the legs, evade the “Panda Traps,” work up a little sweat, and wade in the cool, cool water.